B3DS expertise in MDM LifeCycle Management

B3DS many years of designing and developing enterprise master data management solution using different architectural styles has helped organizations manage their business operations more efficiently by getting 360° view of utilization of business assets. This has helped organizations significantly to be more efficient and cost effective by ensuring the quality and state of master data to be consistent and accurate by integrating different business processes with the business assets aversing different business risks while servicing suppliers, customers, partners, prospects, and employees.

A single version of truth about the data throughout the organization greatly helped in data governance and timeliness needed to promote better compliance and efficiency.

Clinical Image Analysis Engine

Analysis and automatic annotation and transcription of images at cellular level or radiology images or pathology data

Omics Analysis Engine

Phenome, genome, exome, proteome or metabolome analysis in diagnosis and prognosis and digitally provisioning securely and privately

Prognosis Planning Engine

Leverage patient population pathways to determine the treatment pathways and regimen of care centered around patient safety

Real-world Analytics Engine

Digital channels for remote care designed based on conditions and collect patient outcomes from devices, wearables and applications over internet.

Survival Analytics Engine

Manage and support survivors conditions and collect, integrate and analyze registry data for quantitative and qualitative survival analysis.

Linguistic Analytics Engine

Overcome disability by automating text, voice and unstructured data analysis and reduce time and complexity in journaling, linguist enrichment, review and publication.