Life sciences industry is complex overlap of several functional domains. These overlaps are in the form of relationships that exits from very particle level existing in nature to very complex biological and biochemical structural level. These relationships influence and gives different shapes and forms and manifestation of different behavior.


To understand biological systems and answer various queries and problems in healthcare, new tools and technology which enable cross domain relationship exploration and validation in studies are needed. NoSQL database especially graph database has taken over the race from relationship database management system when it comes to understand the cobweb of relationship.

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This is more like biological compounds chemically connected at each node with other compound and this is could result into complex multi-dimensional relationships which leads to unfolding and folding of several mysteries yet to be unraveled.

Application of Graph database technology in research and studies have been accepted and it is therefore the strongest contender in the market place.


In the current AI era, relationships are very important to understand and unravel the different natural phenomenon within a biological and non-biological systems and inter dependency between to build an artificial intelligent system.

Relationship between genetics and immune system, physiology, bio-chemistry and other systems. Similarly the influence of external and internal environmental factors on biological system can be explored at ease using Graph database and Artificial intelligence. This can result into discovery of novel methods, protocols and solutions to solve many problems in healthcare.

Beyond R & D

Application of Graph database is not just limited to research and development for innovation but also in enterprise business intelligence system to store every expanding and evolving relationship in a system capable of handling complex relationships between objects in form of triples.

Ending thoughts

iFARM a precision medicine platform provides tools and utilities to explore and analyse the relationships at various dimensions at scale leveraging Neo4J database and bolt protocol. To learn more about it please write on