HPACS is HDFS + PACS integration to leverage the power of distributed computing on medical diagnostic data. Multi modular medical image analysis and annotation gets handy by connecting with mobile devices. Medical image analytics becomes highly optimized powered by HDFS and deep learning models.

HPACS application

HPACS is a component of iFARM while later is leveraged for multi-disciplinary viewpoint for getting deeper insights based on several data points. While making diagnosis in clinical trials, clinical diagnostics or during operative procedural settings more real-time, it is leveraged intelligently overcoming the challenge of a cost-effective but efficient & smart PACS system.


While Big data and in-memory technology can being scalability, reliability and resilience, the bigger gain is that accurate diagnosis, real-time cross validation during operative and procedure can be achieved while assuring data security and privacy of the data.

Ending thoughts

iFARM a precision medicine platform provides tools and utilities to explore and analyse the HPACS data. To learn more about it please write on