The solution to making self-care and recovery a priority in your healthcare journey

Self care and recovery is wide and specialist area for different segment of people needing support while on waiting or post treatment. The objective is to offload the healthcare system while avoiding intervention delays ensuring the care is democratic and sensitive to the needs of the patients. It covers wide area from managing physical conditions to mental health to long term supportive care planning and management.


Indentify self managed conditions


Segment the patient based on age, gender, language, believes, abilities and health conditons

Self-Care Intervention

Personalised patient portal, virtual assistant apps for self care with mulilingual, speech & interactive features

Social Care Support

Provide needed social care or occupational therapeutic support

Specialist Care

Automatic or on-call specialist care detection using real-world evidence tools.


Collect patient experience and outcome meaures for continous improvement.

How we Help

Reduce or eliminate anxiety and depression,

Improve your physical health

Reduce stress

Improve concentration, minimize frustration and anger

Increase happiness, improve energy and boost your self-esteem

Self-care can lead to better relationships.