Waitlist management made easy with alternative pathways in healthcare

Our innovation can assist handle the waiting list, the long queues in provisioning the primary care or to the one needing secondary care by identifying the critical cases, creating automated referrals and triage discovering the interventions needed by AI models integrated deep into the clinical systems. Patient support and their connectivity the healthcare systems is further apprised by power apps designed for self care and social care for recovery and wellness.

Patient Segmentation

Segment the patients for primary or secondary care based on automated primary diagnosis of existing patients or new patients experiencing health issues.

Triach & Appointment

Further segmentation based on severity of reported symptoms of patients undergoing secondary care and networked appointment based on automated triach.

Self & Social Care

Patients are advised for GP service and/or self care and/or social care depending on reported health conditions.

Self care App & Portal

Automated personalised portal and apps with recommendation and virtual coach laden with features based on reported conditions and patient disabilities (if any) for self care.

Outcome & Experience Measures

Continously engage with patients to collect outcomes and experience measures for continous improvements.

How we Help

Allows you to close more sales when you need to the most.

Enable your company to increase brand awareness significantly.

Helps minimize lost revenue by engaging potential customers.

Helps business owners drive marketing to their waitlist when they can accommodate new clients.

Better insight and forecasting: This enables you to gain valuable information about the demand for your activity.