• What is RECOM?

    A clinical data warehouse and analytics platform to enable clinical research in Oncology related prospective and retrospective studies. It is an aggregation of multi domain biological, clinical, health, real-world anonymized patient and environmental data.
    Discovery of novel treatment pathways, molecular biomarkers and impact of personalized care on public health can transform the way healthcare is delivered.
    Combination of BIG DATA ecosystem, Artificial intelligence and graphical systems enables knowledge discovery and ushering new ear of research and analysis.








    ✜ Process bioinformatics pipelines in highly scalable platform with plugged in machine learning models.

    ✜ Summarized and organized multi-domain data to enable exploration and discovering of novel treatment pathways and develop preventative care solutions.

    ✜ Enable prospective and retrospective studies related to public health and regulate the clinical research.

  • RECOM Workbench

    Curate significant data from any biological, cilincal and non biological domain in no time using self service workflows. Bioinformatica pipelines to process and analyze genome, proteom, metabalome and epigenome data.



    Integrate, store and visualize data in graphical interface to unmine the complex biological relationships and more needed to conduct any precision medicine or personalied health related prospective or restrospective studies.