Entrepreneur Middle East writes about B3DS

Healthtech Startup B3 Digital Solutions Forays Into Precision Medicine To Cater Towards Treatment Of Cancer

The offering is described as a custom-built clinical big data platform offering a number of user-friendly innovative solutions that use artificial intelligence models to manage different chronic health conditions.

Given the COVID-19 crisis in the world today, there has been a strong focus on the need for innovation within the healthcare sector, and while this premise may be currently largely focused on battling the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it’s safe to say that this level of invention and ingenuity is required across all branches of medicine as well.

This is the kind of philosophy that is governing the operations at healthtech startup B3 Digital Solutions, where founder and president Md. Azhar Siddiqui, along with his team located in the UAE, India, Ireland, and the UK, is aiming to contribute to improve the quality of life for people around the world by solving healthcare problems in collaboration with the global community in this industry. B3 Digital Solutions’ key offering today is its iFARM platform, which is a precision medicine and healthcare analytics platform catered toward the treatment of cancer.