• What is SNP?

    Survivorship need planning engine helps palliative care planning team to engage with patients during their cancer survivorship journey during treatment and also life after cancer.
    Engage with patients through different channels to understand their needs and provide them timely support.
    Cancer impacts patient’s quality of life and SNP helps to personalize the care plans based on patients needs to ensure quality of life of patients are not compromised.






    Patient Support


    ✜ Automate support -Uses AI to provide support to patients and offload nurses.

    ✜ Personalize care- Patient engagement and need analysis helps to know patients needs to personalize care.

    ✜ Quality of life -Understanding patients needs and behaviours helps to improve quality of life.

  • SNP Workbench

    Offload nurses by using nursing trained nursing bots to answer patient queries in text and voice formats.



    Connects patients to support groups based on the patients needs at different stages & improves follow ups, engagements, treatment adherence and relationship between healthcare providers and patients.